In-Person Educational Event:

Building High-Performing, Low Anxiety Teams Using Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

Hosted by Peter Anderson of Inner Citadel Consulting

Learn how emotional intelligence development and mindfulness support all aspects of team performance, including cohesion, healthy conflict, communication, innovation and trust.
A highly interactive session, attendees will take away specific skills and learn how emotionally intelligent teams outperform others, contribute to positive culture, and reduce unproductive time lost to distraction and disruption.

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Thursday, September 28th

Event Starts: 4:30pm


Location: Ava Gallery
11 Bank Street, Lebanon, NH 03766

About Peter and Inner Citadel Consulting

Peter founded Inner Citadel Consulting in January 2020 to bring his skills in emotional intelligence training, mindfulness, adult learning, team behavioral dynamics and individual & group coaching to small and medium-sized organizations and companies.
Peter is committed to an inclusive and human-centric approach in all of his work, which includes trainings, coaching, selection & job-fit assessments, and public speaking. As a lifelong learner, his current professional development focus is nonviolent communication methodologies for team coaching.  He is a nationally awarded teacher and holds certifications from Genos International (Emotional Intelligence), the Institute for Organizational Science and Mindfulness, and the global Center for Executive Coaching.
He has the ACC from the International Coaching Federation and is a UN Habitat certified dialogue facilitator. He lives in Burlington, VT with his spouse, a dog named Iggy and two cats named Lenny and Kravitz. His musical tastes are much wider than his pets' names suggest.